Monday, November 2, 2009

Relief for Tsunami Victims

Within hours, local priesthood and Relief Society leaders were on the ground delivering assistance to victims of the tsunami inundating coastal regions of Samoan Islands on Tuesday Sept. 29.

A Church-chartered aircraft filled with 75 tons of relief supplies took off from the Salt Lake City Airport and arrived in Western Samoa, that same day. By mid-day Wednesday, folks who continued to endure the disaster were able to enjoy a welcome meal and a fresh change of clothing, from items brought in by the emergency airlift.

The bulk of the shipment consisted of essential provisions needed by victims who were, in some instances, left with nothing besides the clothes on their backs: food, hygiene items, clothing, bedding, mosquito nets, wheelchairs and crutches.

"The donations of our members, be it in money or goods, are what makes these relief items possible," said Elder Hamula of the Area Presidency.

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  1. This gives me an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the true gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing the church is to this world.