Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ward Humanitarian Leaders -You have been called by your priesthood leader, a member of your Bishopric. What projects would he have you do? You are under his direction. He may have specific ideas or he may have you lead your ward in service projects, under his direction. Through inspiration there are many ways to serve the poor and needy. Do not underestimate the inspiration you are entitled to. You will find countless ways to serve those in need, both around the world and in your community. Make it meaningful. Remember, “it is only service when there is a need”.

You may use the Humanitarian Service Room (HSR) as a place to serve or for a resource. As a place to serve, we have many projects set up. Anyone can drop by during our hours: Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 10am until 4pm. They may serve for any length of time. If you have more than six in your group, we encourage you to call us at 702-649-8191 x134 to schedule an appointment so that we may have projects set up for you.

As a resource, the HSR has Wish Lists for Charitable Organizations (501c3) which serve our community. You may decide to make something or gather material donations for the needs on those lists. These items when finished may be brought to the HSR to be distributed or you may take them to the recipient organization yourselves.

The HSR also has a list of organizations in Las Vegas area that accept volunteers. You may contact those organizations to see if they have a need for your group to do a hands-on project for them.

Perhaps you will find a charitable organization on your own. If you are impressed to support their efforts and help meet their needs go ahead. If they have a project that you think would interest others, spread the word, let us know. Maybe the HSR can help.

If you see a need for a project yourself and need financial help in meeting that need, you may contact the supervising couple at the HSR to see if any funds are available. Through proper guidelines and approval, the HSR may be able to help you fill that need.

Other resources include:

The HSR Blog at lasvegashsr.blogspot.com. Here you will get the latest needs of the HSR in Salt Lake as well as some of our local needs and other important updates.

www.lds.org/providentliving/humanitarian. Here you will find ideas and some of the patterns which are accepted at the HSR in Salt Lake City and at the Las Vegas HSR.

May you be blessed in your righteous efforts.

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